Hudl Leadership Page

For this project, I was tasked with designing and building a new leadership page for my company's website. From start to finish, I led the entire project, collaborating with key stakeholders to ensure the page effectively conveyed the company's values and highlighted its leadership team.

I began by conducting thorough research to gain a deeper understanding of the company's leadership structure and goals for the page. Drawing on this knowledge, I developed a comprehensive design strategy that emphasized clean, modern aesthetics and intuitive user experience. I utilized my skills in web development to build the page from scratch, ensuring its responsiveness across all devices and optimizing its load time for optimal user experience.

Throughout the process, I maintained open lines of communication with the leadership team to ensure their needs and expectations were met, making adjustments and revisions as needed to ensure complete satisfaction with the final product. The end result is a visually stunning and highly functional leadership page that effectively communicates the company's brand identity and showcases its key players.






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