Charles Schwab App Redesign (Senior Capstone Project)

I had the privilege to participate in a transformative senior capstone project as a dedicated member of an interdisciplinary team. As an integral part of the team, I had the role of an interactive designer, collaborating with students to craft an engaging campaign for Charles Schwab, strategically tailored to resonate with the dynamic Gen Z demographic.

Through meticulous user experience research, I researched the intricacies of the current app's shortcomings. This deep dive allowed me to discern valuable insights, laying the foundation for a comprehensive redesign strategy that would bridge the gap between the app's existing state and the preferences of younger markets.

Through rigorous exploration, our team uncovered a pivotal insight: the integration of a social media dimension into the investment app would not only enhance the app's appeal but also contribute to a broader transformation of the Charles Schwab brand identity. This innovative approach held the potential to give the brand more approachability, cultivate a welcoming atmosphere, and nurture a sense of community among users. Drawing upon this discovery, I collaborated closely with my peers to seamlessly add a social media aspect to the core of the app's user interface.

A paramount concern throughout this journey was navigability. Recognizing the need for an intuitive and user-centric design, I took deliberate measures to streamline the app's architecture. By adopting a clean and elegant design, I tackled the challenge of making complex financial tools accessible and easy to grasp, ultimately empowering users to navigate the app with confidence.

Through this capstone project, I improved on interdisciplinary collaboration, design thinking, and user-centered principles to create an impactful and dynamic campaign that not only met the client's goals but also pushed the boundaries of innovation in financial technology design. This experience fortified my skills as a user experience developer and equipped me to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of user experience with confidence and creativity. Feel free to take a look at the whole campaign here.


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